During the game: Poker Tips Recommended By Pros

By Elizabeth Byrd on October 1, 2020 0 Comments

Many times we automate our actions simply by the value of the hand in question in general without paying attention to the position where we are, size of the own stack, size of the rival stack, previous bets … Everything should influence to make a decision.

Don’t blind if it’s not your turn

I know that many times you will arrive with a lot of desire to play, and even if it is not your turn you will put a half or a blind to be dealt cards , be patient and wait for it to be your turn since in the long run you will be paying more.

The closest thing in the case of playing tournaments would be to sign up for one that has an extended registration and the blinds are already very high, check that before signing up for a late registration tournament!

Free yourself from distractions

Neither WhatsApp, nor Facebook , nor look at the ATM or anything that makes you lose focus on your game. Many times, especially in times when we do not have action, we take a look at WhatsApp, email, your favorite sports newspaper …

Take advantage of those most boring moments to look at the statistics of your rivals, to observe the movements of the hands that are playing or to locate possible weak rivals from whom we can win the money.


Look at the other players. Although you cannot see your faces in online poker, you will be able to detect certain patterns of some players, such as thinking a lot when you have a winning hand and want us to believe that you have nothing ( a lot more people do it than you can imagine).

Don’t make decisions with your heart

The poker is a game of statistics, analysis and observation, much as you like J9 of diamonds on a flop like KK2 is not the best time to re – raise a continuation bet. Be cold and make decisions with your head.

Be patient

If no letters come out , be patient. There are many moments in the game where nothing enters us and we have the feeling that we are losing money and opportunities, it is very important to remain calm and know how to fold to minimize our losses.

A good poker player knows how to maximize his winnings when he is ahead, and minimize his losses when there are compromised hands that we can lose.

Most of the time, entering a hand with a Romario chrome and a jack of clubs is not the best of your options.

Be persistent

If you are playing correctly do not change it even if you are winning or losing, analyzing your game you will be able to know if it is a winner or a loser, correct mistakes and adapt new game strategies, but a wide sample of hands is needed to determine if you are doing things like they touch.

If you change your way of playing at all hours, in the end you will have the feeling that you are doing everything wrong, it will be more difficult for you to locate your faults and you run the risk of becoming frustrated.

Take breaks

Do not exhaust yourself playing, if you want to do a 6 hour session, it is better to play 3 hours, rest and play another 3 hours than to play them in a row. Take a walk, refresh yourself or eat something and so you can face the time that you have something more relaxed and fresh.

Know how to withdraw on time

If you see that things are very bad, you are tired or you have something to do, it is better to close the session suddenly and end the day, there is no use staying to recover $ 10 after 8 hours playing for not closing the session in negative, on many occasions we will close it much worse than at that time.

Remember to wait until you are in dealer position before closing the table to make the most of the blinds you paid on your turn.

Don’t look at your profit / loss

I know that it is difficult and that you may be curious if the session has gone better / worse than expected, but there is no use looking at the short-term results.

The results of your game are measured in hundreds of thousands of hands, obviously we have to know the bankroll we have in case we have to lower the level, but if the session has gone bad, looking at the cashier the only thing that can generate us is anxiety .

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